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Consistency and Ownership

I always love stories where somebody has been given or put in charge of a kingdom. Most of those stories whether true or fictional follow the same narrative, a person is given dominion, goes through a phase of losing his … more »

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The Mission-field Next Door

Ever since my lower education, there has always been an emphasis on progression up the corporate ladder. The thinking being that all people desire to obtain the maximum amount of money and power available to them in life. This ambitious … more »

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The Cries of the Needy

The interaction between the weak and the strong that is presented in Nehemiah 5 provides a model for the way that those with power should treat those without it. This discussion comes at an interesting time for us as Americans, … more »

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Missio on Industry (A Broader View of Proverbs 31)

Proverbs 31 contains the famous poem in description of the ideal woman in Old Testament society.  Far from a shrinking violet without independent thought or motivation, she is a woman of remarkable breadth and capability.  Interestingly, the dominant descriptions of … more »

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Missio on Grumbling: Approaching God

What makes a good leader? I fear that quite often my actions reflect a flawed and immature understanding of this question. My most common error is falling back on the belief that good leaders do everything. Good leaders have it … more »

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