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The Ordering of Our Loves

Ordo Caritatis. Some words and ideas are worth holding onto, especially ones that take us to deeper places of the heart, that ask us harder questions of the heart— and even more, ones that offer the hope that all is … more »

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On “Silence” and More

“But did he hear their screams?” My wife Meg is named after two martyrs who lost their lives during the horrible “killing times” of Scotland in the 17th-century. Two Margarets, one an older woman and the other a girl, were … more »

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On Laughter and More

“The devil laughs because God’s world seems senseless to him; the angels laugh with joy because everything in God’s world has its meaning.” When I first read those words, I was struck by their hard-won wisdom. Milan Kundera, one of … more »

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Gary Black on Why “Silence” Matters at Christmas

Now, but not yet. Everyone everywhere, sons of Adam and daughters of Eve that we are, sees the same world, and tries to make sense. We don’t have to be philosophers to do that; in fact sometimes philosophers miss it … more »

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On Murder Mysteries and the Meaning of Vocation Too

Reading a mystery? For class? Seriously? This is the second week for the Capitol Fellows, the graduate seminar I teach every Monday morning through the fall, September to December, and the first book I had them read was Dorothy Sayers’ … more »

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To Fly, Fly Away….

“You must live in the place that is the station of your labor and your love. Down there in the swaying forests, the dark sleeping fields, the cold barren lands, and the cities of man, where the indestructible, the faithful, … more »

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Who Are We, Anyway?

“What are the Japanese peasants looking for in me? These people who live and work and die like beasts find for the first time in our teaching a path in which they can cast away the fetters that bind them…. … more »

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Making Sense of the Brokenness

[Editor’s Note: This is another segment in a series of posts by John Meinen from his RUF discussion group at the University of Vermont. Read the first post, Making Sense of Our World.] A Short-Lived Shalom In the beginning of the … more »

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