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Missio on Genesis 1: How Reading is Fundamental to Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate Today

To dwell in theory and abstraction serves as one of Christianity’s most tempting and crippling sins. Thinking is easy; working is hard. As the insightful Don Chaffer sings, we are far too often “long on diagnosis and short on cure.” … more »

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Missio on Just Economics (Nehemiah 5)

After the Babylonian exile, a small contingent of Judeans returned to the land of Israel, but their initial efforts at rebuilding the nation were spotty and relatively unsuccessful.  Over the following decades, God raised up leaders to inspire and guide … more »

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What Is Missio?

Steve Garber, the founder and principal of The Washington Institute, is wont to say that “Vocation is integral, not incidental, to the Missio Dei.”  These are profound words, because almost none of us seem to actually believe that.  We pray … more »

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