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What’s Wrong with “Do What You Love”

We’ve said it for so long to graduating college seniors it’s become almost gospel. Do what you love. Do what you’re passionate about. Don’t settle for just a job. Follow your dreams. But is this wisdom or just hot air? … more »

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Common Grace for the Common Good

COVENANT SEMINARY Commencement May 2014  Common Grace for the Common Good  I suppose I was a favorite of the librarians in my hometown. Week by week I would come in, see what was on the shelf, and bring several books … more »

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Ascension and Vocation

Check the Hallmark store, Timothy Keller says, and you’ll notice that there are greeting cards for key moments in Christ’s life that are recognizable from the contours of the Apostles Creed. There are cards commemorating Jesus’s birth (Christmas); his crucifixion, death, … more »

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Devil in the Desert: The Temptations of Vocation

This is an adapted and abridged sermon I gave to a group of fellow “soon-to-graduate” twenty-something Duke M.Div students on Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness, Luke 4:1-13. Even though it takes a while to get there, it eventually becomes a … more »

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The Myth of Balance

Several months ago I was invited to lead a breakout seminar at a conference on calling and the common good, offering some reflections about what it looks like to take up calling across all of life, but especially with a … more »

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