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Discerning Wheat From Weeds

In Ecclesiastes 2:17-26, “The “Preacher” is essentially saying: “I hate my work; I will work all the days of my life, and for what? To hand it off to someone else? He could be a fool for all I know. … more »

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Missio on Genesis 11: Our “Excessive Selfness”

Near my desk at work is a TV hanging from the ceiling, playing the news. The voices of our candidates, our news reporters, our First Lady, blare all day long. Today, during a commercial break, I heard “Learn languages online! … more »

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Missio on Genesis 1: From Dairy Farm to Dot Com

Since birth all my life and industry have been immersed in dairy farming. The word “livestock” is directly correlated to my family’s lifestyle, and therefore mine also.  Dairy farming and agriculture in general are probably two of the things about … more »

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