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Completing Capitalism

What is business about anyway? What is its point? Most of ten years ago I was invited to a breakfast with two executives from the Mars Corp who wanted to talk about an idea. We began with what seemed a … more »

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On Faith

“Do you have faith?” We were sitting in a cafe for lunch today, talking about the world and our place in it. A generation apart, she came to Washington a few years ago, and works on international human rights questions, … more »

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Honest Questions, Honest Answers

“I have a question.” These last few days I have been walking among the aspens of southwestern Colorado, just south of Pagosa Springs, not so far from the New Mexico border, listening to the questions of students who have taken … more »

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The Emperor’s New Clothes, One More Time

Most of life is pretty autobiographical. What we think about, what we do, where we live, why we care about some things and not others, and on and on; in thousands upon thousands of ways what we think and say … more »

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