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Missio on Self Reliance: Reflections on The Revenant – How Bad Do You Want It?

Emerging from a late screening of Alejandro Iñárritu’s recent film, The Revenant, I was struck by the indomitable power of the spirit of man. The Revenant tells the story of Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, an early-1800s fur-trader, blazing … more »

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A Long-Loved Love

Sometimes there are tender tears. On my flight across America a few days ago, I watched the film, “Coming Home,” born of the genius of Zhang Yimou, the celebrated director whose work over the last generation has changed the nature … more »

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The Wound of Knowledge

“Never say that a soldier does not know the cost of war.” As the story comes to its sober conclusion, this is the response of the British army officer to the cabinet secretary who is bitterly critical of the decision-making … more »

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To Fly, Fly Away….

“You must live in the place that is the station of your labor and your love. Down there in the swaying forests, the dark sleeping fields, the cold barren lands, and the cities of man, where the indestructible, the faithful, … more »

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The Way History Happens

“What’s the good of a street that doesn’t lead to a church?” As the 1980s became the 1990s, and the world was watching the Soviet Union implode, its first indication that something was changing was what they themselves called “glasnost.” … more »

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Uncommon Grace, Uncommon Heroism

For a few years I lived my life in light of the mountain men, imagining my very ordinary days enlarged by the companionship of Kit Carson, William Sublette, Jim Beckwourth, Jedidiah Smith and Jim Bridger. Their adventures became my adventures. … more »

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When a Dream Becomes a Life

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Dreams are strange things. The stories that run through our souls at night are more often than not impossible to recollect; it’s hard to remember them for … more »

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The Long Trail of Tears

“It matters because it reminds us of the reality of evil.” I remember hearing a National Public Radio story years ago, the very day that the Holocaust Memorial opened in 1993. The interview was with a professor of political philosophy … more »

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The Way the World Really Is

Falling, falling, falling…. and finally, he fell. When the clock struck 9:30 pm or so, with our bowl of popcorn between us, we spent many evenings looking in on the strangely sad life of “Mad Men,” the storied series about … more »

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Reclaiming Peace by Love

Jennifer Bryson reviews Rick Love’s new book, Peace Catalysts, noting that the Bible issues the call for us to be peacemakers, although not with a guarantee that we’ll necessarily be peace achievers. more »

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