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The Tech-Wise Option

Two of the most talked about books of 2017, though going about it in very different ways, are both asking the same question: How do we experience Life-to-the-Full? more »

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Love in the Ruins

Love in the ruins—and to be honest, we don’t get better than that. Meg and I saw the film “Her” this weekend, and it’s not one that I could say, “You should see it too.” Maybe you should, maybe you … more »

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Seeing Seamlessly– On Kate Harris and Her New Book

Someone’s instincts go a long way– at least it seems that way to me. I remember sitting with Kate Fowler Harris in a Thai restaurant in Falls Church more than ten years ago, and listening to what she was thinking, … more »

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A Thankful Path to True Home: A Review Essay of Sixteen Seasons

David James, Sixteen Seasons (William Carey Library: 2011). 286 pages. David James and his family lived in a remote village in Tajikistan for four years, quietly ministering to the people there. Sixteen Seasons is a compilation of reflective essays about those years, … more »

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