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In the World, Not Of It

Every day we are bombarded with articles, videos, and sound bites of the latest tragedy, whether it be child slavery, violence, hate crimes, or refugee crises. Each time I read about the misfortune that others have gone through, my heart … more »

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On “Silence” and More

“But did he hear their screams?” My wife Meg is named after two martyrs who lost their lives during the horrible “killing times” of Scotland in the 17th-century. Two Margarets, one an older woman and the other a girl, were … more »

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Gary Black on Why “Silence” Matters at Christmas

Now, but not yet. Everyone everywhere, sons of Adam and daughters of Eve that we are, sees the same world, and tries to make sense. We don’t have to be philosophers to do that; in fact sometimes philosophers miss it … more »

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Advent Meditations: Joy To The World?

I hate this place.   How is it possible to hate what you’re thankful for?   I haven’t worked out all the details yet.  Some questions are better after caffeine anyway, so I pour a cup of coffee so piping hot, … more »

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Advent Meditations: Joy To The World

Advent. It’s a season of more than just waiting for the Christ child. It is a season of cultivating our longing for his coming. Wait… Cultivating our longing? I generally want to satisfy my longings, not cultivate them! {I begin … more »

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Culture is Upstream from Politics: 50 Responses

When I was a boy, my grandfather and I spent summers buying cattle throughout Colorado. Mostly of course, he was the buyer, but there were moments when, with a certain twinkle in his eye, he would let me be the … more »

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Missio on Joseph: From Punk to Pillar

A spoiled little brat tattletales on his brothers, and they hate him for it.  Anyone could have seen that coming in Genesis 37.  Of course, the response of Joseph’s brothers is rather severe: they try to kill him, only belatedly … more »

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Missio on Calling (1 Corinthians 7:17-24): Follow The Light

Paul’s advice to the Corinthians stings more this morning than it has before. As I sat down to write this reflection, my phone blew up with texts from my sister, Kelsey. The little boy she cares for, Ethan, unexpectedly passed … more »

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Missio on Justice (Acts 16:16-40): A Sacrifice Worth Making

Acts 16 shows an extraordinary example of God’s sovereignty reigning over the power of men. Yet it is easy to misconstrue that sovereignty in this story. As Paul and Silas cast out a demon from a fortune-teller, her owners realize … more »

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Missio on Ecclesiastes: Relational Investment

Last year one of my professors confronted us with the question “Can you know the world and still love it?” Right off the bat I wanted to scream “Yes! Of course!”, my pride swelling at what I saw as a … more »

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