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If Talking Is A Skill, Then It’s Mine!

Skills are inherent, innate, gifts from God. Before our creation God has enabled us with a set of skills that we are to use for his glory and to further the Kingdom. Just because skills are supposed to be utilized … more »

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Welcome to the Real World

Who decided that I was qualified to be in charge of the language learning of a bunch of elementary schoolers? Or that I could come in and run communications efforts with relative autonomy? Whoever it was, I’m sure they have … more »

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Missio on Gen. 3: I’m Teaching, But Is Anybody Listening?

Last week I posted about Charlotte Mason’s approach to children, “born persons” in relationship to creation, completed images of God, albeit “weak and ignorant” images in need of support and instruction.  Boy are they in need. Apparently, fifth graders have … more »

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Missio on Loving the City: Place and Purpose

Certainly Jeremiah 29 is often quoted for comfort and reassurance in the midst of various seasons of life. Christians seem to lean on it during times of stress and great trial, and rightly so. As I read it this time, … more »

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Pay Attention

Pay attention. I have been teaching for a long time, and I confess that while I am always hoping that my words find a home in a student’s heart, I never know. As the rabbi Jesus said at the beginning … more »

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Teaching: Faces from the Front

A year ago, I completed my semester of student teaching in 11th grade English. When I reflect on my experiences, what immediately comes to mind is my view from the front of the classroom. Whether I am sitting or standing … more »

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When a Calling Ends?

Last week Rebecca Schuman wrote a provocative piece over at the Chronicle of Higher Education, Hanging up on a Calling. She tells the story of the roller coaster ride of her work as a German professor in university settings–working at … more »

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