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Shadow and Light

Shadow and light. Watching the mysterious interplay between the sky and the grass, the trees and the flowers, I found myself thinking about the way shadow and light makes its way through life for every one of us. We live … more »

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We the People… One More Time

“It always makes sense to tell the truth”– Vaclav Havel, 1936-2011. Hard as that is for each of us, it is only compounded when all of us lie. The personal is one thing, and it matters very much; the political … more »

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On “Silence” and More

“But did he hear their screams?” My wife Meg is named after two martyrs who lost their lives during the horrible “killing times” of Scotland in the 17th-century. Two Margarets, one an older woman and the other a girl, were … more »

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Gary Black on Why “Silence” Matters at Christmas

Now, but not yet. Everyone everywhere, sons of Adam and daughters of Eve that we are, sees the same world, and tries to make sense. We don’t have to be philosophers to do that; in fact sometimes philosophers miss it … more »

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Doorways to Transcendence

“Windows to transcendence” is the metaphor the brilliant sociologist Peter Berger offered, describing the way we see and don’t see the reality of the world around us. He argued that the Enlightenment vision of the modern world has closed those … more »

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Missio on Loving the City: The Long Term Promise of Jeremiah 29

It’s a verse that’s written on most Hallmark cards in the religion section, often texted between Christian friends during tough times, and frequently used as an Instagram caption for photos of serene scenery. If more ubiquitous verses exist in American … more »

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Wendell Berry Can Make Us More Human

Christine Caine’s sermon Dark Moments of Our Life in summary says this: we’re too small to outthink God, but within our ‘snap and upload’ culture we often believe that we can bypass the ‘darkroom of life’ where we are put … more »

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Uncommon Grace, Uncommon Heroism

For a few years I lived my life in light of the mountain men, imagining my very ordinary days enlarged by the companionship of Kit Carson, William Sublette, Jim Beckwourth, Jedidiah Smith and Jim Bridger. Their adventures became my adventures. … more »

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