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Seeing Seamlessly

“If we lose God in the world, we also lose meaning and purpose, accountability and responsibility.” When I first read Vaclav Havel arguing this stark thesis, I was intrigued— more than that, I was dumbstruck —having read enough of him … more »

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We the People… One More Time

“It always makes sense to tell the truth”– Vaclav Havel, 1936-2011. Hard as that is for each of us, it is only compounded when all of us lie. The personal is one thing, and it matters very much; the political … more »

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Entrepreneurial Imagination, Entrepreneurial Vocation

“But why does responsibility matter so much? What if we just imagine ourselves as responsible– isn’t that the same?” Last night a group of folks from across Seattle met at the invitation of Veritas Cities to think about “Designing Experiences … more »

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Ash Wednesday, and a Longing for Grace

For a thousand reasons, very near to my heart, I find myself awakening to the poetry of U2’s “Grace.” Perhaps it is that today is Ash Wednesday, beginning days and weeks of repentant remembering the truest truths about me– in … more »

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