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Work-Rest Balance

The Word of the Lord spells out the instructions for keeping the Sabbath rather plainly in Deuteronomy. No one is to do any work on that one day of the week. They are to rest from the daily work they … more »

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Vocations as Sacramental Signposts

I began with the sainted story of California. Like all of life, and the history of every people and every place, the story of California is a complex one, even a messy one. On the one hand, what we know … more »

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Missio on Grumbling: Reframing the Mundane

Walk into the office, ask my supervisor how I can help today, get a long list of tasks ranging from papers to file, emails to return, excel spreadsheets to create, and then after a few minutes of small talk, go … more »

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On Worship and Work: A Christmas Meditation

This is a sermon given by Rev. Bill Haley at The Falls Church Anglican on Luke 2:8-20.  Eleven years ago, in the dead of winter, my wife Tara and I spent several weeks in eastern Romania, serving street kids there … more »

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